(Bursera Graveolens)


Palo Santo Sticks and crafts from Ecuador are a unique way to bring a touch of the Andean culture into your home. From the Palo Santo sticks that provide a fragrant and cleansing aroma, to the many intricately crafted pieces of art, each item is an expression of the artisans that made it. Discover the beauty and energy of this traditional craft, and bring a piece of Ecuador into your home.


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Imported from
Manabí, Ecuador
South America

Palo Santo sticks are unique, organic incense made from natural wood. These sticks are taken from sacred trees found in the tropical dry forests of Ecuador and have an incomparable aroma. These sticks are the best quality, hand-harvested and handcrafted, and are the perfect way to experience the unique and incomparable scent of Palo Santo.