Palo Santo Incense Sticks

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FRESH PALO SANTO INCENSE STICKS just imported from Manabí- Ecuador, Southamerica.

Stick Measure: 4.3 Inches / 10.16 cm. long by 0.4 Inches / 1cm. thickness approximately every stick.

This Palo Santo stick is the best, first quality, organic, hand harvested and handcrafted Palo Santo Stick you can find.

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PALO SANTO (Bursera Graveolens) best quality incense stick is a natural organic incense with no chemicals or oils added, this wood is taken from sacred trees found in the tropical dry forests of Ecuador, its aroma is unique and incomparable.

Common uses of Palo Santo:

The Shamans in Ecuador and all over Southamerica use the smoke of this wood for cleansing the energy of a person or a place, especially in ceremonies in the jungle.

Everyone in Ecuador knows that if you burn palo santo in your house, it will be blessed by the good energies, good for you, your family, your projects.

The smell of the Palo Santo puts you in a good meditative state.

Drinking the tea of this wood is good for stimulating the immune system and fighting inflammation. 

Burning dried wood from the “mystical” palo santo tree and collecting its concentrated oils have been widely used in folk medicines and by shamans (“medicine men”) for centuries because of the tree’s perceived spiritual applications. The wood from palo santo trees is also commonly burnt as incense and used to make a natural mosquito repellent (like citronella oil) because it possesses aromatic resins and volatile oils.

Burned similarly to other incense by lighting shavings of palo santo wood, the smell keeps bugs and spiritual “bad energy” away, according to mystics.

Palo Santo Benefits Immunity and Lowers Inflammation

Today, palo santo trees are widely grown and collected so their wood can be used to produce bottled essential oil using steam distillation. Aside from its mental health applications, palo santo offers promising benefits when it comes to raising immunity and fighting illness.

As a rich supply of antioxidants and phytochemicals called terpenes, including limonene and α-terpineol, concentrated palo santo oil is effective for fighting free radical damage(also called oxidative stress), relieving stomach aches, fighting stress, reducing pains due to arthritis and healing many other conditions. Particularly, it’s been gaining attention for being a natural cancer treatment for inflammatory diseases.

An analysis of steam-distilled palo santo oil (using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) showed that the major active constituents include: Limonene (89.33 percent), α-terpineol (11 percent), menthofuran (6.6 percent) and carvone (2 percent). Other beneficial compounds in smaller quantities include germacrene D, murolene, and pulegone.

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Palo santo – Wikipedia

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5 Sticks, 10 Sticks, 20 Sticks, 30 Sticks, 1/2 LB Bag (43 Sticks Approx), 1 LB Bag (85 Sticks Approx), 2 LB Bag (170 Sticks Approx), 200 Sticks, 4 LB Bag (340 Sticks Approx), 5 LB Bag (425 Sticks Approx), 6 LB Bag (510Sticks Approx), 7 LB Bag (595 Sticks Approx), 8 LB Bag (680 Sticks Approx)

7 reviews for Palo Santo Incense Sticks

  1. Dawn

    I love these! Great quality and perfect size!

  2. Robert Douglas Little


  3. J. McLellan

    very pleasant smoke

  4. Millicent Curtis

    Wonderful insence very pleasant experience

  5. Evalyn J. Gossett

    I love these sticks. Great smell. Uplifting

  6. Sandra Macdonald (verified owner)

    I have purchased multiple times, they have the best Palo Santo! So fragrant! I love this shop and will continue to order from them.

  7. Carmen

    very nice smell uplifting just to smell them when not lit i smoked up my whole body n face hair feel better

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