California White Sage,Palo Santo 4 sticks ,Yerba Santa Smudge 3 Pack Bundl


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Value pack of 3 smudge sticks – White Sage Torch,Palo santo(holly wood) 4 sticks and Yerba Santa Sage. Each stick will be about 3 – 4.5 ” in length. Great value bundle!

You get

4 palos santo sticks

1 white sage torch

1 Yerba santa

Total 6 smudges

FRESH PALO SANTO INCENSE STICKS just imported from Manabí- Ecuador , Southamerica.

Stick Measure: 4.3 Inches / 10.16 cm. long by 0.4 Inches / 1cm. thickness approximately each stick.

This Palo Santo stick is the best, first quality ,organic, hand harvested and handcrafted Palo Santo Stick you can find.


Item Details

Product: Premium Quality Incense Sticks

We are direct sellers. This is t for our great prices.

PALO SANTO HOLY WOOD (Bursera Graveolens) best quality incense stick is a natural organic incense with no chemicals or oils added, this wood is taken from sacred trees found in the tropical dry forests of Ecuador, its aroma is unique and incomparable.

Yerba Santa is grown in the dry hill areas of California and Northern Mexico. This herb has long been considered sacred by Native Americans, and has sweet earthy smell which will delight your senses. It is a wonderful ceremonial herb to burn for healing, protection, purification, and love. Yerba Santa helps with spiritual healing and finding oneself.

White Sage Torch when used in smudging, is believed to keep away evil spirits and negative energies from homes, people, offices, etc. Known for its wonderful rich scent White sage is also used in spells and rituals seeking prosperity, fertility and longevity, money drawing, banishing, and consecration.



Weight4 oz
Dimensions7 × 4 × 2 in


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